I can’t even dance for toffee.

September 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

This week has been hectic. I have been loaded with homework, so couldn’t get out of the house except to go to the shop. And going across to the other side of the world would have been easier than nipping to a friend’s house with all those homework pages. Yeah, that’s how bad it was.

This week I was invited to a nightclub for an under-18s night out in the city. I was actually quite surprised, so quickly ordered a dress online from ASOS, which I thought would be quite appropriate (I was hardly going to be spilling martinis on it in a drunken disorder, was I?) and quite fancy, and found one which was perfect, and in my size:

Image 1 of ASOS PETITE Gathered Waistband Dress

After seeing that photo and the full-size version (with the shoes), I decided I’d better get shoes like the ones in the photo. So I found the “COMPLETE THE LOOK” tab and clicked onto the boots:

Image 1 of ASOS AVENUE Wool High Lace Up Hiker Boot

it was all bloody expensive, but worth it: the dress was a hit (it didn’t get any alcohol stains, obviously. I’m not that much of a rebel), and the boots were a good decision on my part – I wasn’t doing that much dancing (I can’t dance for fudge), and was mainly just standing by the bar with a glass of coke in my hand and my purse in the other, watching my other friends dance the night away in their flat plimsolls.

Still, I had a fun night.


My new blog!

September 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hey guys! I know, you may be thinking, Jesus, it’s Thursday! What the hell is she doing posting on a THURSDAY?!

Either that or you think you’re going a bit mad.

But, I assure you, you’re not.

I’m just introducing myself! I’m Olivia (alias Weekend Fashionista, but I figured you know that already), and I just adore fashion. I am a schoolgirl in England, which means I have to wear a uniform. I want to change afterwards, but my mum tells me it saves water, so I don’t. But I do wear ordinary clothes on weekends (duh… England isn’t that stupid. But, then again, nowadays I’m not too sure), and so that’s why I started this blog – to share and receive information on all things fashion.

I love to read fashion blogs. I love looking at the photos of people striking poses, twirling in their pretty outfits and just having fun. So why not make my own, and join in with that fun? Exactly.

Well, I think that’s pretty much all you need to know about me for now. I’ll see you all soon 😀