I was toastier than a marshmallow.

November 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

twist shoulder detail scoop neck top

Papaya Belted Skinny

Felicia Open Back Shoe Boots


Top: £22.00, Jane Norman

Skinny jeans: £14.00, new in, Matalan

Boots: £25.00, Boohoo.com


Last weekend, bonfire party.

Additional notes:

Last weekend my mum decided to host a bonfire party, and so invited all her, my and Amy’s friends round for a back-garden bonfire and barbecue, with an awesome firework display towards the end. The only reason I didn’t wear a thick jumper is because I was sat down at the picnic table most of the time, which has a heater, so all I needed was a partially-thick coat and I was sorted. We had a great barbecue with sausages, pork and lamb chops, beef kebabs, the whole she-bang. The fireworks were definitely better than I expected, and we didn’t seem to wake the neighbours despite our babbles at gone-midnight. Our small bonfire was awesome and we all had a brilliant night – definitely one to remember for a long time.

This top is one of my favourites, because it is slim, cute and has puffy shoulders which I just adore. I love to pair it with black jeans and simple ballet flats normally, like my nudes. These Matalan jeans are new in, and I was lucky to catch them while shopping for fireworks. I forked out and bought them, and I don’t regret it. I also love these boots because they are just stunning, and go so well with my grey top that I just had to pull them out of the wardrobe – I couldn’t find my nude flats anyway, I think they’re at my Grandma’s after I had a dance competition over there.


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