Madness songs blasted out of the stereo – ironic.

November 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Image 1 of ASOS PUMPKIN Suede Pointed Court Shoe


Necklace: roughly £11.00, gift from Mum.

Dress: £20.00, gift from Mum.

Shoes: £60.00, Asos.


Last Saturday, Halloween party.

Additional notes:

I love Halloween – I always have. As a little girl I would dress up in my fairy outfit and wait for people to come round in their awesome outfits, trick or treating. I’d thrust the dish holding the sweets at them as they picked one, and they’d coo over my cuteness. As I got older I trick or treated round my street, and gradually it became so that I was trick or treating with my friends on their streets, and so forth. And this year I was invited to a Halloween party held by my friend Joanna. Last year, for Christmas, my mum got me this dress, and I love it. The inside of the dress is satin, and feels so gorgeous against your skin. Since I didn’t want to fork out on an outfit, mainly because it was so last-minute, my mum nipped out to the shop and bought me this necklace, to make me look slightly like a pumpkin. I then found these shoes, and even though the oranges don’t entirely match, it didn’t really matter.

We all played random and silly games, ate loads of sweets, had costume games and competitions and danced until we dropped onto the sofas. I was too tired to go trick or treating the next day!




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