Museums, boring? No way!

October 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Billie Jersey Ruffle Lace Crop Top

F&F Printed peg leg trousers

Image 1 of ASOS LOLLY Chain Detail Ballerinas



Lace top (with ordinary black tank underneath): £12.00,

Peg leg trousers: £16.00, F&F @ Tesco

Pumps: £26.00,


Last weekend, history museum in Birmingham.

Additional notes:

I’ve never been too fond of museums, even though Mum loves them.

“Want to go to a museum?” Mum would ask, one rainy Sunday when there was nothing to do than fold damp socks after laundry day.

“No thanks,” I’d reply politely, and suggest a board game or a TV channel – anything, really.

But now that Lauren has been given the all-clear that she can stay with my family, as long as she visits Wales every fortnight (Lauren wants to go to an English college, as she is in sixth form, like me, and wants to try out England) to visit her family, I’m feeling really chipper.

So when my mum asked me last rainy weekend, how could I say no? I’d even agree to eat a slug I was so happy. Not that visiting a museum compares to eating a slimy creature, or anything.

We went down in Mum’s car and when we arrived, I was feeling happier than ever. It was pouring with rain, so we’d be in the warmth, and I actually enjoyed the museum. It was so fascinating, all the exhibits, portraits and imitations of skeleton bones belonging to Sir Isaac Newton and all that. It was great!


Now, don’t worry, there may not be a tank top in the photo, but I was wearing one (I wasn’t just wearing the lace and a bra), as I mentioned in the overall listing. I love this top because it is pretty, lacy, and the patterning is just beautiful. I decided to pair it with my peg legs, because I love the patterning on them too, and they are quite snug when out in the cold (there was a long walk from the car park to the museum, so I made the right choice). I understand two pattern pairs are a no-no, but this pairing is so great, honest. And, since we were walking round, I decided to wear my comfy ballet flats. They did get a bit wet during the walk to the museum, but they weren’t too damaged, thank goodness! They were very comfy to walk around in, and all in all it was a great weekend!





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