The Swan Lake

October 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

lace & floral print top

diamanté folded wrap skirt

Ruched Dressy Heel


Top, £28.00 (I got it for £10 in a sale, that’s why I’ve got it!), Jane Norman

Skirt, £35.00 (Along with the top, I got this for £12 in the sale!), Jane Norman

Heels, £22.99 (I splashed out – what can I say?), New Look


Last weekend, going out to watch my sister in the ballet.

Additional notes:

Last weekend, I totally forgot my sister’s big ballet show was coming up, so when my mum reminded me I had to stand in my wardrobe for 4 hours straight, staring at my clothes as if they’d all grown arms and were waving wildly at me and kicking their newly-sprouted legs. My eyes hadn’t yet hit the floral lace top, and when they did I grabbed it instantly. It was hung in front of the skirt (a brilliant pairing that I’ve had since I bought them last year), so I got that too. Now, I have tons of black shoes, so I picked a pair at random, which so happen to be one of my favourite pairs. I bought them last year when I’d seen them earlier, and saved up all my allowance to buy them, and when I finally did I knew I made the right choice.

My outfit wasn’t too dressy, nor to casual, more in-the-middle. The ballet performance was amazing, my sister is extremely talented. I videoed it, but my camera doesn’t upload onto my computer, so I’ll have to transfer it to my mobile, which I’ll probably forget about anyway. Still, the Swan Lake is now my favourite performance 🙂


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