I was toastier than a marshmallow.

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twist shoulder detail scoop neck top

Papaya Belted Skinny

Felicia Open Back Shoe Boots


Top: £22.00, Jane Norman

Skinny jeans: £14.00, new in, Matalan

Boots: £25.00, Boohoo.com


Last weekend, bonfire party.

Additional notes:

Last weekend my mum decided to host a bonfire party, and so invited all her, my and Amy’s friends round for a back-garden bonfire and barbecue, with an awesome firework display towards the end. The only reason I didn’t wear a thick jumper is because I was sat down at the picnic table most of the time, which has a heater, so all I needed was a partially-thick coat and I was sorted. We had a great barbecue with sausages, pork and lamb chops, beef kebabs, the whole she-bang. The fireworks were definitely better than I expected, and we didn’t seem to wake the neighbours despite our babbles at gone-midnight. Our small bonfire was awesome and we all had a brilliant night – definitely one to remember for a long time.

This top is one of my favourites, because it is slim, cute and has puffy shoulders which I just adore. I love to pair it with black jeans and simple ballet flats normally, like my nudes. These Matalan jeans are new in, and I was lucky to catch them while shopping for fireworks. I forked out and bought them, and I don’t regret it. I also love these boots because they are just stunning, and go so well with my grey top that I just had to pull them out of the wardrobe – I couldn’t find my nude flats anyway, I think they’re at my Grandma’s after I had a dance competition over there.


Madness songs blasted out of the stereo – ironic.

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Image 1 of ASOS PUMPKIN Suede Pointed Court Shoe


Necklace: roughly £11.00, gift from Mum.

Dress: £20.00, gift from Mum.

Shoes: £60.00, Asos.


Last Saturday, Halloween party.

Additional notes:

I love Halloween – I always have. As a little girl I would dress up in my fairy outfit and wait for people to come round in their awesome outfits, trick or treating. I’d thrust the dish holding the sweets at them as they picked one, and they’d coo over my cuteness. As I got older I trick or treated round my street, and gradually it became so that I was trick or treating with my friends on their streets, and so forth. And this year I was invited to a Halloween party held by my friend Joanna. Last year, for Christmas, my mum got me this dress, and I love it. The inside of the dress is satin, and feels so gorgeous against your skin. Since I didn’t want to fork out on an outfit, mainly because it was so last-minute, my mum nipped out to the shop and bought me this necklace, to make me look slightly like a pumpkin. I then found these shoes, and even though the oranges don’t entirely match, it didn’t really matter.

We all played random and silly games, ate loads of sweets, had costume games and competitions and danced until we dropped onto the sofas. I was too tired to go trick or treating the next day!



It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!

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3/4 Lace Shoulder Stripe Tee

Hannah Snow wash 3/4 leg zip capri jean

Sandales Esprit RENATA GLADIATOR Noir


Top: £14.00, Matalan

Snow wash Capri jeans: £15.00, Boohoo.com

Gladiators: £30.00, Spartoo


Last weekend, cinema visit.

Additional notes:

I haven’t been to the cinema for ages. The last time I went was to see Happy Feet – you know, the film about the dancing penguin. Yeah, that’s how long ago my last visit was.

So when my friend Carla asked me if I wanted to see Despicable Me with her, how could I say no? Sure, it was for children of about 5 and older, but so what? Anything to get me out of the house.

Since the cinema is quite warm (I remember the temperature vividly), I decided not to wear anything too snug, like a huge woolly jumper and leg-warmers. I got this top from Matalan a couple of months ago, as I just loved the rose detailing on the front, so I decided to wear that. I also love my Capris, so I wore those too – I wouldn’t normally wear them in this wintery weather, as they’re 3/4 lengths, but I decided to lift my rules this one time. I also love these gladiators, because even though they’re plain, they’re comfy, so I can walk for miles wearing them and not get blisters, painful feet, or sore toes. Bonus!

I love London, but not as much as my heels.

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Cable knit jumper

F&F Harem fashion trousers

Image 1 of ASOS ATTACK Leather Lace Up Platform Boots


Knit jumper (with black boyfriend cardigan over, to keep extra snug): £18.00, Kylie @ M&Co

Trousers: £20.00, F&F @ Tesco

Leather lace-up platforms: £60.00 (sale), Asos.com


Last weekend, trip round London city.

Additional notes:

London is a great place. I’ve visited the proper city only a few times, and had the privilege to see Big Ben, London Bridge, and I even drove past Buckingham Palace in one of the tour buses!

So last weekend, I got invited to London city by a few friends, so I accepted straight away. I checked the weather, and it was to be good weather, but really cold. Now, I love my jumpers, but I chose this one because even though it has short sleeves, it is warm. So I put a random boyfriend cardigan over it to keep my arms as warm as my body.

I love walking in these trousers, as they are so loose, so I picked these out. They are so comfy, and I figured that since they are peg-legged, not much air would travel up them!

I know, I know, last week I picked out my ballet flats to walk round the museum, but I never said I wasn’t a good walker in high heels. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes, so when I spotted them beneath my harems, I squealed and grabbed them immediately, already ripping the laces apart ready to put on.

I love London city, too, and so walking around was really fascinating. The shoes didn’t hurt at all, and I’ve only got one blister, but it barely hurts!



Museums, boring? No way!

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Billie Jersey Ruffle Lace Crop Top

F&F Printed peg leg trousers

Image 1 of ASOS LOLLY Chain Detail Ballerinas



Lace top (with ordinary black tank underneath): £12.00, Boohoo.com

Peg leg trousers: £16.00, F&F @ Tesco

Pumps: £26.00, Asos.com


Last weekend, history museum in Birmingham.

Additional notes:

I’ve never been too fond of museums, even though Mum loves them.

“Want to go to a museum?” Mum would ask, one rainy Sunday when there was nothing to do than fold damp socks after laundry day.

“No thanks,” I’d reply politely, and suggest a board game or a TV channel – anything, really.

But now that Lauren has been given the all-clear that she can stay with my family, as long as she visits Wales every fortnight (Lauren wants to go to an English college, as she is in sixth form, like me, and wants to try out England) to visit her family, I’m feeling really chipper.

So when my mum asked me last rainy weekend, how could I say no? I’d even agree to eat a slug I was so happy. Not that visiting a museum compares to eating a slimy creature, or anything.

We went down in Mum’s car and when we arrived, I was feeling happier than ever. It was pouring with rain, so we’d be in the warmth, and I actually enjoyed the museum. It was so fascinating, all the exhibits, portraits and imitations of skeleton bones belonging to Sir Isaac Newton and all that. It was great!


Now, don’t worry, there may not be a tank top in the photo, but I was wearing one (I wasn’t just wearing the lace and a bra), as I mentioned in the overall listing. I love this top because it is pretty, lacy, and the patterning is just beautiful. I decided to pair it with my peg legs, because I love the patterning on them too, and they are quite snug when out in the cold (there was a long walk from the car park to the museum, so I made the right choice). I understand two pattern pairs are a no-no, but this pairing is so great, honest. And, since we were walking round, I decided to wear my comfy ballet flats. They did get a bit wet during the walk to the museum, but they weren’t too damaged, thank goodness! They were very comfy to walk around in, and all in all it was a great weekend!




You gotta love Lazydays.

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Girls Kourtney Print Vest

F&F Sequin harem pants

F&F Cuffed Sandals


Top: £8.00, Boohoo.com

Harem trousers: £15.00 (clearance), F&F @ Tesco

Sandals: £18.00, F&F @ Tesco


Last weekend, lazy day.

Additional notes:

We all have lazy days. For me, it’s a relief to have one, since our life is so hectic on weekends. My best friend Amy is waiting to hear from her mum, and we’re on the edge of our seats. Tonight is the night her mum will tell her if she has to go back to live in Wales with her, or stay in England with me and my family. I’m so nervous, but not as nervous as Lauren is. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope she’s allowed to stay.

Usually, on lazy days, I just look at my clothes and immediately pick a concoction out. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. It is. I bought this top from Boohoo.com as soon as I saw it, because I fell in love with the patterning. It fits really well and wasn’t expensive at all – what more could a girl ask for? I also bought the harem pants for a short price too, quite recently. I was looking on the F&F website and saw that there was a clearance for the pants. My allowance was raised as I’d done all of my sister’s chores (she had to practice for her ballet recital), so I bought them. They also fit really well, and are perfect for lounging around the house in since they’re baggy.

And finally, these are the most gorgeous sandals ever. When I bought them, I had to wear them immediately or I was going to hyperventilate. They’re a little big, but that means I can keep them for a while, and I only wear them inside so that they don’t get damaged. What? I like to look after my shoes. Is that too much to ask?

The Swan Lake

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lace & floral print top

diamanté folded wrap skirt

Ruched Dressy Heel


Top, £28.00 (I got it for £10 in a sale, that’s why I’ve got it!), Jane Norman

Skirt, £35.00 (Along with the top, I got this for £12 in the sale!), Jane Norman

Heels, £22.99 (I splashed out – what can I say?), New Look


Last weekend, going out to watch my sister in the ballet.

Additional notes:

Last weekend, I totally forgot my sister’s big ballet show was coming up, so when my mum reminded me I had to stand in my wardrobe for 4 hours straight, staring at my clothes as if they’d all grown arms and were waving wildly at me and kicking their newly-sprouted legs. My eyes hadn’t yet hit the floral lace top, and when they did I grabbed it instantly. It was hung in front of the skirt (a brilliant pairing that I’ve had since I bought them last year), so I got that too. Now, I have tons of black shoes, so I picked a pair at random, which so happen to be one of my favourite pairs. I bought them last year when I’d seen them earlier, and saved up all my allowance to buy them, and when I finally did I knew I made the right choice.

My outfit wasn’t too dressy, nor to casual, more in-the-middle. The ballet performance was amazing, my sister is extremely talented. I videoed it, but my camera doesn’t upload onto my computer, so I’ll have to transfer it to my mobile, which I’ll probably forget about anyway. Still, the Swan Lake is now my favourite performance 🙂